Realty Investment Consultancy

Malaysia Property investment is considered to be one the robust market in the world. In the past 30 years, the property market has not crashed as it has been in other countries. Rather, the value of property is rapidly increasing. Our knowledge of property investment combined with a deep understanding of business goals, objectives, drivers and constraints enables us to provide sound strategic advice within a wider context. Ben can guide you through the most complex of deals, help to unlock the full potential value within your portfolio, maximize return on your investment and to drive organizational change and growth.

Ben has extensive experience in developing business plans and providing expert due diligence services for a wide range of property initiatives; especially for local authority self-financing, large scale voluntary transfers, smaller transfers and stock rationalization. The quality and thoroughness of our work has made the difference to the successful outcome of many deals and as a result we have become a trusted advisor to many clients both large and small. In addition we are also well known and respected by several leading funders and values which certainly helps to facilitate quicker and more successful negotiations.

Our highly qualified and experienced property consultancy team provides a comprehensive set of asset management and asset intelligence services.

Using a combination of condition surveys, specialist investigations, validations, reviews and energy/EPC expertise, we are able to review the effectiveness of your investment management strategies and how well they are being implemented. Additionally, we provide accurate data about each asset and create comprehensive and objective asset management database systems which help you to understand your properties more clearly, make more informed decisions, establish priorities, and manage your portfolios more efficiently and professionally. Where required we will also support you in reorganizing your business to suit the agreed strategies.